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Monday, September 05, 2005



America is messed up these days, no doubt about it. But Japan has a LONG way to go when it comes to welcoming foreigners into its country. They treat is like animals and it makes me angry and sad at the same time. I love Japan but I hope they will be more open it foreigners in general.


Well the book talked about the U.S too. I won't explain here (maybe in book review later). She says Japan has a dissociative disorder, and the U.s has a Borderline Personality Disorder.

クレア (Claire)

I agree with Roger and o. In the past couple of years, I have talked with quite a few young people who told me they don't want to live in America after they finish college. Some were under high school age, some were in high school, and some were in college.

Like many Americans, myself included, these young people just don't like the way the political system has turned. They feel that the rights granted to any American citizen in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are slowly being stripped away from the citizenry.

Some want to go to places in Europe, some want to go to Japan...anywhere but America. Every country has its flaws, but I think America's are showing quite badly at this time.


America is very, very sick. Japan may have a mild temperature.

For me, I cannot live without possibility. I understand the need for comfort, particularly after traumatic events. Comfort does not mean you have to give up on dreams and moving forward.

I will visit Japan in two weeks. I will try to talk with people and see what they say and how they feel.

Japan may be in a period of confusion; unable to really move forward, but America has moved backwards in ways I thought I would never actaully witness. It is not sad anymore—it is cause for fear and anxiety. Part of my remedy is to not watch as much news. Too much focus on murder, death and economic fear. The other is to speak up.


i think america is sick :(


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