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Tuesday, September 06, 2005



Hi There
Thank you Johan, yes like I said in last post, people has interests to only around him (small world). So love, relationship might be the most important stuff for such people. The story is "lost his love" that all, but title is "in the center of the world...". The big hit of the book and movie is one of sigh people's interest.

Ah Azim, thank you for saying that.
Roger, huang, I am not big fan of Korean movie, Japanese movie. I saw memories of murder and this. Maybe that is all.


Mari, I've watched X'mas in August too ! Yes, a sad but touching story and well told. For a dying man, X'mas had to be earlier than Dec.

Korean art films are worth watching and several have excellent cinematography.

Have you watched Korean films like Take Care of my Cat, Il Mare, Ditto ?


extreme yes. but their commercials are humorous. ;p

nothing says "I Love you" like a broken window. dont know why I haven't thought of something fun like that. so the moral to the story is not to fall in love with quiet camera studio guys...maybe?

0yaji returnz ®rz


I really enjoy Your posts... I've said it before, but You really have an interesting point of view and tie in a lot of supporting (interesting) sites, etc.--Thank You again!


Why does it seem like every other Japanese movie recently is about some doomed lovers where one of them (or both!) are sick or dying!? I rarely want to go see a movie that gets me that depressed. I guess it has to do with "Sekaiju no chushin de ai o sakebu" and its enormous success. I haven't seen it, and I am not planning to either...

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