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Wednesday, September 14, 2005



Wow... I don't think I could hold on to the outside of the train while being sober, much less drunk. I'm amazed that she could do it.


Best / worst drinking story was on my 21st birthday (legal drinking age in the United States). I had 7 shots of tequila along with with 2 of my friends (21 shots between us, 1 shot for each year I had been alive). Well, to this day all I remember is that they had to walk me to my ride home. After that it gets dark. I didn't pass out or fall asleep on the way back to my apartment. I still don't know how I got up the flights of stairs and unlocked my door. All I know is that I can't bear the smell of cheap tequila or even drink it because it makes me feel ill.


Mari, for a brief moment, I thought you were commenting on the storyline of Korean movie, My Sassy Girl !


Hi There
I like this drunk girl story. Of course she bothered people, she was so stupid and she would be punished a lot. She might die. However I can't hate her because much or less people did some stupid because of alcohle.

Perhaps one must think like a drunk to understand. Hmm... If I was very drunk, the rush of air would seem good so sitting outside the car is a nice idea. Also, I may feel embarrassed for being drunk and not wish to be seen. The connection between train coaches is a good height for sitting on but is also dirty. I probably would not sit there because it is dirty. Not unless I needed air very badly.


I wonder if she did it purposely or unconsciouly. The thing is she had been staying there for 50 minutes! She must have been woken up screaming anyway - that's for sure!

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