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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Gorilla costumes have to...


What a sad... crime.
Peko-chan is adorable and so full of childhood memories.


Hi There
My favorite sweet is Japanese sweet anko. But when I was kids, I love cake and chocolate most. Maybe Japanese sweet's natural taste is better for me now. This summer I am so into MIZUYOKAN. I try to make it.


i love MILKY!! i have about 3 packs inside my office drawers everyday. Peko chan is so cute! maybe i'll get myself something from the peko chan store. hehe


Yes, dark chocolate is great. The best I ever had was in Venezuela, where they sold "single beans" chocolates. Great stuff. Different beans, different flavours... I will never forget that...


Sorry but Japan has a lot of silly laws. The police here seem more interested in Bicycle theft than organized crime....


i like cake.

but i like fried chicken, in a sweet tangy sauce even more than i like cake.

if i died and lost my body, and had only a spirit, my mind would be through and through nothing but a sweet nostalgic air with distant memory of filling my mouth with dark chocolate.

not cake. just dark chocolate.


i don't have any Peko-chan dolls. but if i did, and someone stole them, i'd say "take them away. take them away."


This made me think that the designer was really really good in coming up with an everlasting image that lasted generations and changing tastes. Quite a contrast to brands that tinker with their corporate colours and packaging far too often these days.

I love the pic you chose for this post; I'm using her as my blog's mascot for the time being. ^-^

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