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Thursday, September 08, 2005



Hi There
Sorry I fix the broken link!! I found interesting link, this page said how to culcrate "TAIKU ZUWARI and his lonliness".



Mari, I find it a bit odd that a man would want to encourage motherly instincts in his date. That probably says a lot about Japanese male/female relationships- maybe you should explore that in a future post.


Your link was broken, it took me a lot of work to locate the picture so I could figure out what you were talking about. So here is the correct link:

I am Dali

people over here have a nice mental image for pudding too. i think. i do.

i can't decide if "pudding" is as nice as "purin", as a word.

i think they're both nice.

i like pudding at chilled temperature. i feel it getting warm in my mouth.

i like the way a spoon moves pudding.

now i'm getting sentimental about spoons. but it's only because when i think of "spoon", i'm really thinking of pudding.



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