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Saturday, October 22, 2005


Puma Ducati Testastretta

Love them! Couldn't wear the original MBT sandals, but these are great. Not the dressiest sandals, but not the clunkiest either. Love them.


Oh you like Samegame Charles? That one was good for me, I still could not stop befor going to bed.




Yeah, samegame is really addictive. I installed X Windows and Gnome on my Mac just so I could play the Gnome version of samegame. It was really hard to install, but the graphics are really good. I used to play it for hours and hours. Then my X Windows got messed up and I haven't played since.
I'm not so sure I like the version with the little gold coins. Samegame is pure and simple and the coins seem like a distraction.

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