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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Hi There
When foreigner smell soy sauce, you think smell of Japan? too Japanese?

Anyway I like your site, starbender.
So funny


Some people also thought this was a japanese made website -> -> -> http://www.dreamstudiodesign.com ^_^

Julian Morrison

I hear "butter" is from when Japanese first met europeans. They smelled different because they ate beef while Japanese only ate fish.


re: gits and innocence: i really loved the first year of stand alone complex. it had the perfect blend of cyberpunk philosophy, incredible action, and substantive stories. and the character designs were great.

i enjoyed gits: 2nd gig, but i thought it didn't have as strong a central story arc as the first season.

i'm a total innocense fan (and love oshii), but i understand peoples' criticisms of it too. i jut thought, in the end, that it worked. (i hated matrix 2 and 3 though :-)



Just surfed' in and really enjoyed all your posts! You put so much into them. Great Job! I'll B Back!

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