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Saturday, October 29, 2005


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Hi There
Thank you very much. Martin Thank you for a translation of the Heart Sutra in English. I could know the meaning of that. Yes sorry for this, many Jpanease don't know the meaning of that.


I really loved the short movie, I'm just wondering what the lyric says!
...anyway, your blog it's so cool :)


I have heard of dumber government sponsored arts grants. One of my classmates in art school got a grant to fund his "performance art" project: to hike 100 miles from school back home, during summer break. That was it, just a long hike of several days.
Well at least it was only a small grant of $100.


Drinking beer as an art? more power to that girl.. I'll bet she won't have any problem when a cop pull her over for DUI.. hehe.. apple sure do know how to adv their products.. they're neat.. but spending that much for a mp3 player? hhmm.. -_-


The heart sutra site is wonderful. We read this sutra so many times, every day, at the temple. Many Japanese people know this sutra, and chant it at funerals. It has a profound philosophy too...

Here is a translation of the Heart Sutra in English:

Thank you!


Hi There,
Nano is great. People could know how thin nano is. I really want one, but I hardly listen music outside. I am the person who love silence.

Claire (クレア)

I can't walk across a balance beam anyway, whether or not I have drunk beer. I don't have a good sense of balance, probably because I have poor vision. I wouldn't call Takahashi-san's piece "performance art" either. Perhaps "poor judgement" is a better term?

I liked the movie--it reminded me of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (good for Halloween).

The Heart Sutra was pretty interesting, too. That could be good if you want to learn it, but you don't have a copy. Or, what if you want to worship, but you can't leave your house for some reason? Then you can chant along with o-bou-san. For many years, there used to be a Catholic Mass on TV in many cities, usually on Sunday, but some big cities had it every day for people who were "shut-ins" and could not go out and go to church. I don't think it is on anymore, at least in Chicago...

I wondered which Narita Temple made that file--it is in Hokkaido. I was thinking it might be the one by the airport, or the one near Inuyama-jo, but I was way off!




I don't see a problem about these being made of something that won't self destruct.

These are now keepers and collector's items. You don't usually throw these things away.

I'd just like to know the url that's on the back of these thing for the wallpapers that you can download!!


I think the advertising campaign for the IPod Nano is an attempt at what they call viral advertising. The hope is that since you can take a piece of the ad with you that you will show it to your friends which will get them talking about it and they will talk about it with their friends, etc...

It's a very clever strategy somestimes since it can be cheaper than running television ads. It can also reach a lot more people than a static billboard ad.

A problem I see with this one is the material they seem to have used will not decompose nicely so they make more and more trash that will last a long time. Slightly sad. Hopefully it is at least recyclable.

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