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Thursday, October 20, 2005



Hi Shannon
You can get a free large everytime? Hmm I envy you, but maybe I should be careful for weight. It seems to be so rich.


Maybe not poison ho ho ... but just very high calorie content. That's beacuse they can't cut down on the fat, to do so would cut out the best parts of the ice cream. The cream itself! There's less air per teaspoon of ice cream that's why the more you eat, the more fattening it is


Never heard of this Cold Stone Creamery, but looking at the homepage made be CRAVE it badly!!! I'm *SO* there on November 3rd when they open in Roppongi Hills!


Ah Dali Cold stone creamery is new sea. I got it.

I am Dali

hey, i didn't say it was poison!

i said give me a vat of Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, i'll warm it with my body heat and go swimming.



Hi There
Wow everybody say it is poison?? too fatty and too sweet? Two or three bites are enough?! Okay let me try once. Then I will write what I ate.


Oh no! Coldstone Creamery ice cream is so rich in sugar, it literally gives off a smell like perfume when you pass people on the street. It is really, really rich and really, really bad for you. I have to say, I like Ben and Jerry's much more.

Claire (クレア)

For me, eating this ice cream is like drowning in cold, sweet butter with candy or cookies mixed into it. Although it is tasty, I cannot eat more than a couple of spoonsful without getting sick because it is so high in fat.

Maybe the best thing to do is take it home in a cup and eat it a little at a time...

I am Dali

somebody give me a big vat of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.

i'll warm it with my body heat and go swimming.




Cold Stone Creamery is my FAVORITE ice cream shop!!! It is so rich and is considered premium ice cream because of the slow melt and the velvet feel of the ice cream on the tongue ... mmmm Yes it is expensive, but very worth it!

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