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Wednesday, October 26, 2005



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Hi There
Thank you for sites info about Taisho. I love Taisho Chic arts very much.


There's an art exhibit at UC Berkeley, appropriately titled, "Taisho Chic".


Looks neat!


There will be a Taisho era festival in Yono, Saitama this Saturday Oct 29. Did you know that? The poster is all over my town, it is quite funny!

People are supposed to dress up in their best Taisho era clothes...



Mari-san, I remember visiting an exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney in about 1998 called "Mobo, Moga", all about Art in the Taisho era. I loved all the old posters and advertisements.



Oh, I love this post! I just wrote about meisen kimono, some of which I believe were made during the Taisho period. I have such a romantic picture of that era. So glamorous and so short! Thank you for this post.

I am Dali

i love your site.

and, god, look at how amazing the RED is on that garment....


i didn't watch the mishima-movie trailer. i don't want to see anything sad, not even a trailer.

ok....i just watched it -_-

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