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Friday, October 28, 2005



For whatever it's worth FANIME (a San Francisco Bay Area anime convention) had a maid cafe at its convention. It was called "Fanimaid." Last year two ladies dressed as maids were selling food at the convention. They were told by someone (an official?) they could not sell food. That was too bad. No one had told them that before. They were hoping to raise money for their school club. But this year the convention allowed for a "maid cafe." I think these two ladies this year were on staff at the "maid cafe."


There are too many, not enough handicapped parking spaces in our city


The iraqi dinar is a new and evolving currency. It's unstable situation in Iraq now, but we still have a hope.


1991 detroit lion

Buyers of guns must take gun-safety courses


They have manga cafe's in Sydney? Where? This sounds pretty suss to me, the wa you describe te service, but yeah, girls are getting way more into maid cafe's coz they're cute. Hello Kitty did a special on the maid cafe hello kitty to promote maid cafe's in Japan and to try and dissapate their bad reputation.


I've been to Japan in September, and of course, also visited a maid cafe which had been newly opened in Shinjuku, heehee. At the very first I wanted to visit those in Akibahara, eg. Cure Maid Cafe. However there were too many customers. A long queue was outside the cafe door and I hated waiting after walking for a whole day... X( surprise to see that there were female customers in the queue too! And for the maid cafe in Shinjuku, it was nicely decorated and got some manga bookshelves. Most of the customers were male though ;p As a girl, I had my lunch comfortably there. So there are still some "safe" maid cafes for girls ;D


Hi there
Of course, you can make maid cafe in your countries, everywhere, anywhere. I want to see it actually. You know Japanese girls looks so tiny and cute type face. But foreign women looks so adults and beautiful type face. I can't imagine how they looks like with such girlish costume.


Hi Mari!
The 3Yen.com site is run by Yves and myself.
We tend to cover the quirky news like Maid Cafes. It's kind of fun and I've even had gaijin girls writing to the 3Yen asking for help getting a job in a Maid Cafe here in Tokyo, hee, hee.


wo.. maid cafe do exist?.. hehe.. I think I saw something like that in densha otoko drama.. gotta hand it to the person who started it.. seems like a profitable business.. ^o^


I will have the following battle when I'm on holidays next year: My task is to go to a maid cafe. My wife's task is to try and stop me.

Do maid cafes exist outside of Japan? I always wanted to start one in Sydney. I've seen manga cafes in Sydney, so why _not_ maid cafes?


Hi Taro
You are writing for 3yen.com? I like that site.

Hi Sausage
I don't think girls like to go. It's guys world.


Is it common for girls to visit maid cafes in Japan? I thought only guys would be interested.


You wrote: "I found the interview part1 with hostess.(part2) It might be interesting."

Ha, ha, you're quoting all my friends websites about "Maids" when in reality we are reading you website for insight into Japanese side of life.

Keep up the good work.

Taro, the lame

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