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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Domo Sudoku

Sudoku is just a game after all. It can be too frustrating sometimes

sudoku solver

Oh sudoku is a wonderful game when you get a chance definately give it a try, daily sudoku is a great site to try it out for free.


it's true, people in england are going crazy for sudoku. i think it's safe to say some parents love sudoku more than their own children. alarming.


Hi there,
Hmm Sudoku is popular in the world? As a logic game fan, I am glad to know a Japanese game is loved by people like this. Samegame and Sokoban is simple logic Japanese game.


i saw a few hk magazines have this game. i haven't tried it myself, but i saw a friend of mine was playing while we were in the cafe.
personally i don't like it, but i do think that it's a good way to train my brain!! maybe i should try it later.. as i hardly use my brain.. :P


In Switzerland Sudoku is also very popular since last summer.


I haven't tried Sudoku myself (yet, thanks for the links), but I know a few friends who have been raving about it. So I guess Sudoku may be in some kind of boom here in Finland too.

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