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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Hi Thanks Chris and Dali.
Generation X, hmm interesting. Then the U.S society think generation X will make damage for economy or somethintg? NEET is burden for our sciety.

In the 60s, the 70s we said all Japanese are middle class, but there will be clearly success people and non-success people, the difference between rich and poor would be bigger in Japan.

I am Dali

"transfixing type who know they have to work but sit brooding all day"

that made me laugh.

500,000 people can seem like a lot. but i think it's still small, out of many Millions of people. it seems normal that there is a group of people who are down-on-their-luck and dysfunctional in the context of modern commercial society. they're a little anxious, feel meaningless, maybe lazy, probably confused. don't know what to do with their lives. they need a little HELP.

mari commented (i think) recently about the trend of people (not neet) opting out of salary-man mentality and accumulation of wealth. they choose instead to make just enough money to live happily. i think this is like the Generation X thing, but not Neet.

that's much better than Neet, because they don't put a burden on family. i think.

(i hated that book, Generation X. but i liked the way they lived, in their flat.)

i think the american term for Neet might be something like "emo bum"


in the states we had the generation x phenomenon (my age group was part of that period) in the mid-90s: people who were disaffected with the go-go business drive of the 1980s US (epitomized by Oliver Stone's film "Wallstreet"). the greatest literary expression of that period was douglas copeland's famous novel, "generation x."

these were people who consciously decided to get out of the salary-man culture and instead worked in "McJobs" -- low-paying, low-prestige jobs (think of a job at McDonald's) or just "checked-out" of the stress of corporate america entirely.


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