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Friday, November 18, 2005



My boss used to work at a company that didn't allow "toe cleavage." That would rule out shoes that show any part of the toes, even where they meet the rest of the foot!


Hi Clair
yes, they are chotto ijiwarui. But the U.S companies do not strict for lating job? Usually we have to pay some from salary.


Damn... knee-length boots are the best kind, too.



Claire (クレア)

いじわるね?If you are late five times, then you have to dress up as Kamen Rider for the whole day? That wouldn't be allowed in America. Your supervisor would speak to you about it. Maybe that person had a good reason, like he had to take a family member to the doctor or something.

During "cool-biz" summer, I think making women wear pantyhose is harsh. The offices I have worked in here are extremely cold (70 degrees F, 21 degrees C) during the summer. Fortunately, I do not have to wear skirts to my job; network engineering often requires duties that are impractical to do while wearing a skirt and heels.

My job has a few strange rules, but not as strange as these. I had to buy a new car so I could continue to get the "maintenance reimbursement". We have to drive a lot to get to our worksites. So, I had to retire an 8 year old Toyota Camry for a new Toyota Prius. That is an example of one of our company's strange rules.

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