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Thursday, November 10, 2005


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I should remember your pleasures with gratitude, as i would the harvest of a good time.

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Hi There
wow I am happy that you like this site. Thank you very much for such nice words.
Sugoi Ureshi desu!


The kittychan mustve had me laffin for about 5 minutes straight!!!

I am Dali


mari your page is the best one i know. and i know lots. (including big-ass famous ones with tens of thousands of people day day)


Awww. The cat picture is cute. That team mascot is more amusing though. It must of been a very lopsided score for him to have to apologize that much. :) I know a few times that I have gone to see my local hockey team and they've lost so badly I wished I would of gotten such an apology especially after paying $75 for the ticket.

It's interesting to hear how the perception of that type of bowing has changed over the years following the abolishment of that caste system.

That video was pretty good too. I slightly had a hard time hearing the English audio over the Japanese speaker but it was still good. :)


Mari, I love your page! I've been exploring your entries for many days! It is awesome! You have put in so much hard work to make this diary and magazine! You are very dedicated! ( I like "!" ) ^_^

Thank you so much for your dedication. I look forward to your new entry every day. I will link your pages in all of my pages. Thank you again! Fabulous!

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