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Thursday, November 17, 2005



In Asia, we have same type fried rice dish.
I like Thai fried rice ( I forget the name now.)

yes Suzanne, it is very hard to say quickly. We call it Hayakuchi kotoba.

ediwn a edwin

i like to know morw about you.


In Malaysia, we also have our own version of Omu-raisu, called Pattaya Rice. Same technique: fry the rice then wrap it in an omlette. I wonder who came up with the original idea...

Anyhow, I love raw egg in my sukiyaki... ooh I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!


In Singapore, places selling kaya toast and good old traditional coffee shops also sell soft boiled eggs.

The raw eggs are put inside a recycled Milo tin, freshly boiled hot water is poured over the eggs and the whole tin is left to sit for several minutes.

That's what I saw at a famous franchise chain called "Ya Kun", see http://www.yakun.com.sg/ya_kun_food_beverage.html

The soft boiled eggs are served in a saucer and after adding a dash of pepper and a dribble of black soya sauce, slurp it up !

But I don't eat it like this any more ... bec of salmonella.


What is that saying...
nama mugi, nama gome, nama tamago?

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