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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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Hi There
What's up sound wasabi. Hmm interesing, thanks. I love to see those site. Weekly bee and Elu Elu is really fun sites. If you can read Japanese, their way of talking is funny too. You would love them.


"Weekly Teinou Bee Woman" is one reason I MUST improve my ability to read Japanese. The site is just awesome, and I'm missing so much...orz


That iPod hero page is very funny. :) So many images. Thanks a lot for sharing the link.


a few years ago there was a popular series of budweiser ads where guys would say "what's up?" so that it sounded like "whassssuaaaaaahhhp?" that was the joke... i thought these commercials were annoying. this 'wasabi' budweiser ad is a joke about the same thing... the guy is saying 'wasabi' so that it sounds like 'whaaassssaaaahhhhp'

pretty dumb


Thanks for the link to the Top Japanese websites, thats some interesting stuff. I feel I don't really have a grip on the Japanese Internet selections yet, so this was great.

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