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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Asian Girl

Yes, most Japanese women look younger than their age because they seldom use cosmetic products on their face. That's the good thing about Asian Girls that they tend to look 10x younger. I guess it has something to do with the food they ate- mostly vegetables and less meat.


This was refreshing. I wished I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now... But I'll return.

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"For in all adversity of fortune the worst sort of misery is to have been happy."

------A.M S. Boethius, Ancient Roman statesman


im asian, im 23 and look 16. people mistake my mom for my sister. my aunts all look and act much younger than they are. you would never guess their ages.


Japanese women are so beautiful. They probably look younger because that wonderful tight skin they have. I think even among asians japanese and koreans have the best skin.


I think the reason Asian women look younger than their age is because most of them protect themselves from the sun. We also put very light makeup.

Make up, in general, is full of chemicals which are toxic to the skin, and it's hard to believe we want to 'clog' our skin with all that foundation. Using a heavy hand on applying make up, stretching the eye area to put on eye liner or constantly dabbing eyeshadow will damage and stretch your skin.

The best thing is to put as little makeup as possible, eat heathly, sleep lots, and drinks lots of fluids.

Looking young, also comes with the right mind frame. if you are under lots of stress, and you don't get enough exercise, your body will build up a lot of acid in the system.

The Asian diet is reasonable more vegetarian than meat. Meat is very acidic. Which is also why Asians, in general, look a lot younger.


Generally, people look younger or healthier because of how well they take care of themselves. Many Asian women look a bit younger than they actually are because of the kind of diet they eat. (Standard Japanese diet, for example, has lower levels of transfats and other less healthy chemicals). Something else that contributes to this is that most people in Asian countries walk at least 2 km everyday, whether to work or to while shopping or doing other normal activities. This compares to most Americans and Canadians, who only walk about 3 km each week.

Drug use, artificial UV or too much tanning or sun exposure, changes in diet, and stress can also change how old someone looks.

It also depends on the person and their attitude: If they seem to be a pretty happy person, and take joy in what they do, it can decrease facial aging.

As for my family, who are Ojibwe (a First Nations tribe), most of us look at least 5 to 10 years younger than we actually are. My father is usually mistaken for being less than 40 years old, even though he's actually 50. My cousin Tara, who is a good fifteen years older than me has been mistaken for being only a few years older than myself. I'm usually still mistaken for a high schooler or freshman in college, even though I've been out for nearly four years.

It really comes down to perception, too, and the person.


Hi There
I don'think Kaoru Yumi has prastic surgery, but I heard Hitomi Kuroki had deep treatment including surgery. But of course I don't know the trueth. Anyway my ideal way is Kaoru yumi, at least she seems to be very natural and still young.


I think, true hottieness transends age. A hottie is a hottie. Wow.

Besides "Good Luck", Hitomi did a round of commercials for JR Kyushu that coincided with the launch of the Tsubame. She puttered around Kyushu, doing Kyushu things. I got the sand spa and the ramen yatai commercials. I didn't get her visit to the temple, though.

Geez, I sound just like a fanboy...


Hitomi Kuroki is hot.. well.. for a 44 years old.. =D saw her in good luck and tokyo tower.. daymn.. must have been a hell of a diet or "treatment" that she's been doing..


You think "Kaoru Yumi" didn't go for plastic surgery or botox ?

With age, I lose my waistline, it gets thicker and so I look like a trunk ! Sigh !


Yah, Hitomi Kuroki is Gorgeous!

Kanna believe she's in her 40s!

She looks more like she's in her mid 20s!

I first saw her in "Good Luck", that ANA flight crew drama. Wow.


Well, you should know that Japanese women -- actually Asian women in general -- are admired here for how they don't seem to age. It's a different standard in the US. People walk up to my Mom and compliment her on how tiny and young she looks (she doesn't like it when people do that). I also have met Japanese women who like the fact that, in their 40s, they are considered to be very attractive by 20 year olds. Also, my favorite guide-book points out that you can never really guess a Japanese person's age by looking; you must always assume they might be 10 years older or 10 years younger than you think!


I do think Japanese women and maybe Asian women in general look young for their age partly due to good skin! I'm half Japanese so my skin is OK. :) I agree Condi Rice looks young - Black women tend to have good skin too.


I think it's strange how well Japanese women age, sometimes I talk to a woman only to find she is middle-aged; it's shocking!


Condolezza Rice is one very ugly woman.

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