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Monday, November 14, 2005


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Potatoes are rich in nutrients! Potatoes, not only when the value of various foods to eat! When the ingredients can be! When the drug can also be


I am a porgus


Hi there
Hmm I agree. Japanese food, especialy sweets and snacked changed very often. Now we have winter and autumn versions. I found sweet potato flavor pretz in market.

Wan Hazmer

Yup Japanese snacks change often. That's what I like about Japan, change is part of the culture. A culture that is so "in" might be "out" the next month!

Ahhh Ajinamoto... in Malaysia, that is quite a brand. I don't really care about its harmful effects, but the older folks say that if you add ajinomoto powder to the food you eat, you will become bald fast... haha I wonder how true that is...


I do agreed that American chips are boring but we are improving! The Old Bay Chips from Herr's is great. Lays/Ruffles are introducing their higher end chips using better potatoes.


The great thing about chips (and other snacks) in Japan is that, apart from a base selection of "standard" chips (like usu-shio etc.) the selection rapidly changes. So every few months you get a whole new line of interesting chips to try out! Some great, some far from great!!


two weeks ago, i was craving for salty chips so i went to the nearby combini to pick up some snacks. i got some calbee and was so shocked when i got home because they weren't salty for me. judging from my friends, japanese people are really into lighter, more delicate taste compared to other countries.


It's interesting that Asia and America have completely different potato chip flavors. The only "American" flavor I could find in Japan was "sour cream and onion" Pringles.

American chips are boring... we have plain (salty), ranch, sour cream and onion, barbeque, and salt & vinegar... sometimes cheese flavors appear. I wish we had more choices like Japan.

In the past year we've had a few more interesting flavors... dill pickle, guacamole, and Ruffles' The Works. But they're usually only available for a short time.


Some of those types of chips are definitely quite a bit different than what I would find in the local store but I'd be willing to give them a try at least once. My snack tastes are probably too well defined for me to really switch what I enjoy but it doesn't hurt to try new things. Personally I like spicy chips flavored with jalapeno or habanero peppers.

Not that any potato chips are really healthy but I try to always get baked or kettle cooked chips. They have less fat and they are crunchier which I like. :)

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