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Tuesday, November 15, 2005



I know princess Nori.

I know princess Nori.


I fail to see why the guy can't get into the royal family.. on top of that, the princess got his royaltiness striped.. this is gender discrimination.. only women can be gifted with the crown jewel of royalty? .. hehe.. =D but I guess the 1.5 bil can cover it.. nice..


Hi Thomas
Thank you very much, I would changed it into your link. Sausage, yes if I could get such big money, I will fly to Hawaii tomorrow.


Wow.. if I had 1.5 billion yen I could retire in peace now.


It's interesting that she actually has to leave the Imperial Family. I'm sure there are strong opinions on both sides of that issue. I understand somewhat why it is so based on my limited knowledge of the current system in Japan.

Also, it seems the page you linked that lists the royal families remaining in the world may be missing a few. Here is a page that I found that lists the various monarchies in the world. It seems at least a few extra royal families exist.


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