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Sunday, November 13, 2005



Hi there
Sorry suzanne, when you visited my site, I forgot to link the movie. Now I have fixed it.


Hmmm, eto, ano, (sucking teeth)... Monty Python it is NOT! I get impatient with the repetitions... that video needs some serious editing!


That movie was absolutely hilarious!!!

It is probably VERY misguiding to foreigners who don't know so much about Japan. Funny thing was that parts of it was true but most was just pure bullsh*t....

Who made it?

Gen Kanai

Mari- I love that kaiten sushi place in Meguro (my home station) as well.


That movie was very funny. But I'm wondering, are they spoofing "Japanese culture" information movies, or are they hoping to make foreigners who see it do weird, embarassing things?


Oh... no funny sushi movie link! Please tell us where it is!? Thank you :)

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