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Thursday, November 24, 2005


car accident solicitor

I wonder how the people eat the speeding cut.Fine for speeding up in japan is very high.I hope human rights are there.

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Am shocked by this! and here i was thinking the fines in the UK were bad-wow!

traffic offence solicitor

this cannot be true?! surely there are all kinds of human rights issues related to it?

Bob the Builder

This blog is a complete FAKE!
The blogger has copied the information about the ticket tastes from ANOTHER SITE!

Julian Morrison

I wonder if people will go speeding, to collect all the favours. "I'll trade you ten poison slimes for that cigarette and beer vomit" "no way, it's rare, I won't take less than a dog slobber and two sick monkeys".


Ah, but the water of which pond? A clean pond or a polluted one? Wouldn't "poison slime" be similar to "pond water" from a polluted pond? Maybe they need more flavors.


Hi There
I think the tickets will be used all over Japan, not only Osaka. Do you want to try?
For me bad smell is harder than bad taste.


We in Osaka, or rather I used to be, love ourselves, and sorry but we find Tokyo people to be a little too full of themselves for our taste. You need to laugh more and yell at the policeman when he gives you a bullshit ticket.


lol... They should make tickets like they do here in San Francisco. The tickets here are printed out on paper that is unrippable by hand. I guess they wouldn't be edible either.

Wan Zafran

But why must they go to the extent of eating the tickets to remove the evidence (even more so when their speeding records still exist)? Can't they just burn it or hide it somewhere?

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