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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Hi there
I was totally shocked to know the price of my tooth treatment. You know what? I should save money for tooth!


That first ad is one of those filler spots that they show between shows on SciFi network. I don't get cable but saw it at my parents house. It's one of the less weird spots even. Some are just too strange for me to watch.


That is very funny. Very odd too. I worry about Japanese people and their teeth. Now that I live in Nippon, I worry about my teeth too.


Merry Christmas, a happy prosperous new year to you & yours.
Many Thanks for the sheer pleasure of reading your blog !!

Claire (クレア)

The Opel ad with the little white dog was funny! The neighbor has two small dogs very much like that. When they are outside, and they are left outside often, all they do is make noise. I love dogs--I own one myself--but those two are very annoying to me. If you could put them on the end of a stick, they would make good dust mops.

In America, there is usually a debate when you go to the dentist about what type of crown he or she will use on your teeth. Usually on your back teeth, they tend to use gold crowns. On teeth that will show more, they will use ceramic crowns. (It also depends on how much the insurance company will pay.)

Ceramic crowns are stronger than gold crowns, but the dentist has to match the color to the rest of your teeth. Also, gold is more forgiving if a slight error was made in the original cast and modifications need to be made. I think they have to start all over again if an error was made in a ceramic crown.

Some people are just more prone to having bad teeth. One of my sisters has terrible teeth, although we all grew up in the same house, drinking fluoridated water, drinking lots of milk, brushing twice a day, and so forth. I am quite lucky and have few problems with my teeth. Go figure!

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