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Friday, December 02, 2005



Hi there
Ai Takahashi! Thank you very much for nice information about who was Ai-chan!

Steve Harrison

I read on another site that "Ai" was Ai Takahashi of Morning Musume...
This makes sense...Ai chan ga dai suki desu ne!


So funny, I actually lived in Gyotoku in 1988 for a month or two, and HATED it! I did hate the Tozai line too. I wrote short stories around that time, and one was called "Tsudanuma mamas"... If you have been on the Tozai line, you know what that means...

Anyway, after that I moved to Hayama in Kanagawa pref. and life got much much better.

Thanks for this interesting post, it's the kind of story most of us would never notice!

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