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Friday, December 23, 2005



I've eaten MREs on a few occasions growing up. I got to say that, while they weren't great cuisine they certainly were tastier than you might think. One of the biggest issues is how one goes into eating it. Its one of those products that, if you go into it expecting it to taste bad, it just might. Plus, like many kinds of food, some kinds of MREs are best when eaten after being warmed.

I'm not sure if its known in Japan so forgive me if not but "Tang" orange juice mix is a famous long lasting mix (originally an austronaut made drink). I remember hearing it can stay good for at least 7 years, once. Not a great drink in my opinion, but could be worse. :)


Hi Sausage.

Thank you very much for yoru comment.
Hmm ice cream. I have no idea peope would be in such mood.


Interestingly, for those US space flights, the astronaughts had freeze-dried ice cream. I have no idea how it remained as solid ice cream once they added water to the powder.. I think the final product was like melted ice cream.

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