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Thursday, December 15, 2005



The mobile phone industry (especially DoCoMo) seem to believe a LOT in the future of payments of different kinds with a cellphone. With their new credit card service, they will truly be unique in Japan (and the world) and they need to firmly establish themselves as the technology leader to beat off any current (Au, Vodafone) and future competition (BB Mobile, EMobile)

Personally I think its a good idea - you could get rid of your SUICA, Edy, and Passnet - all merged into your phone!


Wallet cellphone is a novel idea but the consumer pays for the cell phone company to help manage payments. Of course, businesses accepting cell phone payment must buy or rent electronics to do this. The only benefit may be to encourage people to spend money because of the novelty, ease of use and, electronic nature of money transfer.

Real money is more difficult to give up. ^^



The concerned American public must know: are these statistics correct -- is this wedded gaseous nature the reality of daily married life in Japan?!



Claire (クレア)

W-Zero3も面倒臭いと思います. ちょっと重いと思う。形態電話作くったら、ヘッドセットを着ていますか。

Most American cellphones are very simple compared to Japanese cell phones. I have the Motorola RAZR (in black...I do think they should not have put the silver logo on it, it makes it look cheap).

I like the design, but the software leaves much to be desired. It is far from elegant, not nearly as nice as the software on Samsung cell phones (3 prior phones I have had) or the Sharp prepaid keitai I have for traveling in Japan.

The software on Motorola cell phones looks very unprofessional and unpolished to me, as if it were a school project or something. I don't understand why they would put something as ugly as this on such a nice looking product like RAZR. At least the phone works (except in the building where I have my Japanese class...then I can't get calls from work either).

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