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Wednesday, December 21, 2005



Hmmm, so universal ! I clean my mirrors and windows with newspapers too !


Hmmm, so universal ! I clean my windows with newspapers too 1


Hi Ude
yes 55% of Japanese think New Year Card is very troublesome, of course I am. So I agree with you.

Hi Medea
You enjoy Japanese Oshogatsu. = ne shogatsu!


When I first came to Japan, I wondered why most Japanese people I knew slept throughout Oshogatsu. What a waste of a perfectly good holiday!

But now that I work in a regular Japanese company, and my husband works in takkyubin, I know how busy December is. I will need to sleep for 3 days at New Year to make up for not sleeping for the last 4 weeks!

Merry Christmas


While sending even a yahoo greeting is better than nothing and times are changing, I would still personally prefer the old fashioned paper greeting card. It still is something you can hold and touch instead of an e-mail greeting. Stick to the cards and your efforts will surely be appreciated! Then again, I didn't send any Christmas greeting cards this year due to lack of time, so I'm not the ideal guy to be preaching about this. :)

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