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Sunday, December 11, 2005



we have got to stop surfing the same sites!
I love the flower vase.


We have a huge IKEA store south of us (in the Washington, DC suburbs: http://www.potomacmills.com/static/node752.jsp). But with IKEA comes huge traffic and massive lines. Be prepared!

And they don't have the mahjong clock (purely a theoretical object in my head, as I'm a big mahjong fan) available yet for purchase.



Hi there
No we don't have IKEA yet, next year they will come. I can't wait! My friend gave me big white IKEA shopping bag, now they are my one of treasure!


I would also suggest IKEA for cool-looking, affordable furniture.

Mnemesis: An IKEA will open in Japan, specifically in 2006. I combed the IKEA Japan site for any info on locations, but no dice.

PS: I live in Atlanta, where an IKEA just opened up over the summer. Everyone here loves it. It's always so crowded, especially on weekends.


hi Mari. i love your site--i've learned a lot about life in Tokyo (i live in Yamaguchi-ken, Ube-shi).
as for design. . .do they have Ikea in Tokyo? it's a swedish home store, and they have very interesting, simply designed home furnishings and appliances at good prices. you can also find them online at www.ikea.com. i'm a big fan of their look. you should check it out!

Claire (クレア)

Many things are useful, but ugly...as I sit here and stare at the computer gear on my desk. Apple tries to make theirs look nice, but doesn't really succeed. Putting it in different colored cases doesn't really count, as far as I am concerned. I think that is why Microsoft's "Media Center PC" effort has not gone anywhere. PCs are still ugly--why would you want to put that in your living room?

Plus minus zero has some very useful things that are really nice looking. I would go there often to look at all of their designs. I could really use the humidifier + aroma pot! It is very pleasing to look at and it provides a function I need. I like that Plus minus zero has no logos on its goods (like Muji). American products have way too many logos and other clutter. I like my things to be clean looking and elegant.

&design is interesting, but their products are not so useful for me. I find their clocks and watches to be decorative more than useful. Their use of recycled computer parts is fun, though.

I have seen that done before-- binders, clipboards, and organizers with covers made from recycled computer motherboards at one time were sold at the Computer Museum in Boston. I also have some earrings with LEDs that lit up when you pressed one corner, but they broke after a few years.

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