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Saturday, January 14, 2006



I love Hyde so much....
It's so mean, but really hilarious what they did.

...I can't stop laughing. (^-^)


Hi there
I love 2channel festival always. This time, I wonder foreign message borad have this type craze. I want to read that.


oops I meant abe hiroshi


i think they changed the info in Wikipedia so much that Wiki has stopped people from editing the info already? haha. this is interesting. Actually i'm a hyde fan too. I think he's got a very charming pair of eyes and he's got a very good voice. That pretty much covers for his lack of height. ;p


LOL! Despite the band's huge popularity (especially Hyde's) its funny to see such inconsistancies. ^_^


I found out today that Namiko Abe is taller than me (!)


Good one Greg!


Maybe they should start referring to blank pages in Wikipedia as a "156 Error" :)


If the wiki entry for the band L'Arc is blank, it is more than likely a "stub", an entry that can be added to by Wikipedia users. Either that, or something else is going on ...

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