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Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Oh course foreigners misunderstand. Japanese always tell us we cannot understand Japaese culture (but they understand ours, they say).

Bushido. Samurai. During the Edo Period--and others, exactly what mercy and kindness did the samurai class show the farmers who had to hand over huge amounts of rice to them. How are women treated in Bushido tradition? Perhaps that is just fine in Japan.


Hi There
Unique does not mean isolation. As that point, Japanese may learn something from old wisdom "Bushido", "Shinto", those Japanese unique ideas. My impression is Japan is confused and lost the way to go.


Claytonain, newer isn't always better. Japan is a country that has one foot in the future and one foot in the past. In the west, we see this as odd and an indication that a country isn't ready for the future. I disagree though. If anything, many countries prefer a gradual transition into the future. Radical change usually leaves a country in a state of shock and causes instability in the nation for many years to come. This is what got Japan into trouble the first time around in 1868. 80 years of radical rule resulted. The ugliest years of Japanese history.


from my experiences, I feel like Japan is going "nowhere fast"

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