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Saturday, January 21, 2006



we can tell you the plum wine's condition. they are very usefull to health.


Please email me with how was your surgery and how you felt about it. I'm thinking of going for the Lasik but I am too scared!!! Don't know how it would compare to having surgery for baby (c-section) but I want to be prepared. Are you awake during it? >_<


I'm so surprised that it's snowing in Tokyo now. In Singapore right now the temperature is around 32 degrees. In fact I got sunburnt yesterday just walking down the street!


Hi There
Lasik is much better than contact lens. Actually the reason why I got a operation, the doctor said I should stop contact lens. My eyeballs needed oxgen more.

Sumiyoshi Pilgrim

Had LASIK too in 2004. Really does work but when the doctor was explaining what he was going to do I wanted to say: "Hurry up! Let's just get it over with before I change my mind!"


I had lasik and am very happy.

My friend showed up to a movie in college without his glasses once. He poked holes into credit cards and watched the movie through the pinholes


Ya, about the whole beef thing...I couldn't beleive that America gets another chance to export beef to Japan and they blow it. The American government is upset with the company that shipped the beef with a spine in it.

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