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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Phoenix Pyre

Right now, I'm up to chapter 60 of Death NOte, and I must conclude that is is an excellent manga. A must read!



The story is sort of going downhill after the death of L. Now that he's gone (or so it seems)those damned kids have taken over. Not good.

I hope L comes back to life...I've heard of the Death Eraser (mentioned in chapter 0). It was just a side-story but maybe it means that someone will revive L. I hope that's true.



If you have to read just one manga... make it Death Note.

It's been quite a while since I've read such a gripping comic.

Wan Zafran

I have read the fan-translated version of Death Note, and I can attest to its sheer brilliance. It's like a chess game; except that it involves people and is a massive battle of wits.

Monster by Naoki Urasawa is a heart-wrenching manga too. It's brilliant, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a serious and emotive manga read.

Wan Hazmer

Yup death note is a masterpiece. Tsugumi Ooba is just as witty as the characters in it! The way the rivals try to outwit each other using the many rules of death note is really a joy to see.

Too bad I'm only up till Chapter 23 :( My colleagues are reading the chinese version, and it's much more frequently updated. I heard from my colleagues that the story is getting crazier with every chapter!

I heard that Ryuku wants a gameboy for christmas... hahahhaha


Hey! I'm loving a fansubbed version of the anime "Monster" I wish an anime publisher in the States would pick it up and put it out here. I'm not shocked that it was originally in Manga form (I'm beginning to think that Mangas are convenient ways to storyboard an anime, and then you only animate the parts that are well received.).
Now I'll have to check out Death Note. Thanks for the tip.


Hi there
Yes I've finished 9th too. Next one would be released in Feb. I can't wait!!


hi mari!
Just wanna say your blog is really fantastic! I've learnt alot about Japan that i can't possibly have through books. Feels like I've actually stayed in Japan!
by the way, i've read the Japanese versions of Death Note, up till the latest book 9. Must say it's the best manga i've ever read. It's intriguing and very intelligently plotted out. Please continue reading it! =)

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