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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Style updates

I wish getting over a broken heart can be so easy as following a few steps.. but its not� :(

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my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with �we leave it to you to decide�.

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I don�t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. :)

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There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

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Thanks so much for posting these, they are fantastic! So bummed I missed what looks like a truly unique evening.

dofus kamas

lyk omg light died in chapter 107!!


just thought Id say that I am also very happy Death Note was made into a film... however I am extremely happy that it has been made by the Japanese and not Hollywood as Hollywood has managed to destroy all my favourite Japanese films


I really think they COULD make a sequel involving Light after Death, wouldn't that be awesome?!

As for the movie I haven't watched it yet but I wish they could have made all the human characters look more like the manga/anime..

This site rocks by the way.

Francisca Lopez

LOVE DEATH NOTE! My fav is L hes so cute! Cant wait... I just hope they don't doctor it up too much though... I think Death note the manga was a MASTERPIECE the way it was and that they should keep to the original storyline and all will be well.YAY.


here is all you needs.
all the manga, movies , and anima



i have the first death note movie in eng sub and up to 14 in the anime but i want the sequel to the movie...does anyone have it or know where to find it.


here you can download the movie with subs*500 MB* and in Raw * 1 GB* enjoy


Just want to share Death Note Movie 704x456 English Subs 986MB


Dragon jade

hi there! so? Can u tell me where to find the movie with english sub?


where can i get the subtitles?


hey! if u want to watch DN movie just upload it from emule! ;) it has been there since two weeks:) and subtitles u can upload fro some web wiyh things like that
gambaro xD


I wanna download Death-note the live-action, u guys know where I can do that ? Plz show me, since the videos of Deathnote on youtube.com are blurred... Help me plz.....


death note is an awesome manga and its ending could hav been extended in the manga.. i dont care if its a good end bad end happy end or sad end i dont like endings... and if theres a sequal then there is no end see? OK i admit i liked the ending of death note tho ha ha it seems fitting for light-kun to die by the hands of Ryuku but i wish it continued on like light became a shinigami in death or sumthing... oh well i am dying to see the movie i seen the trailors the actors are great except misa-misa she should be blonde like the real misa oh yeah cant wait i'll even learn japanese if i hav to


Eh.. Jun Matsumoto doesn't seem to fit as L =\

But Kenichi Matsuyama as L is perfect @_@

I really want to download the movie with english subtitles since the manga was excellent.


Heyyy can anyone please tell me where i can download this movie??

the upper lnk does not work >.<


here is a link to download it raw... there is only the first One hour of the film but its he best i found for now...

enjoy it!

http://www.rpghistory.com/-TABRIS-NOBORRAR-/DEATHNOTE(632x388 DivX5).avi

(just right click and " save as")


Deathnote has such a well thought out and planned story that it wouldn't matter Japan or Hollywood make the movie, it'll still be great. Personally, I'm sick of Hollywood picking up successful foreign movies and making piece of feces out of them.

Also, I don't understand people like Austin who thinks ruining other people's fun by spoiling major plot is funny. I'm not too mad here, but I was really pissed when I read about the death in Harry Potter 6 online.


yea, lol...i heat talk about there being an anime and a death note game...heh heh the aniom should be good..but the game on the other hand might be somewhat hard to do..what do you think?


L aka Ryuuzaki : Matsuyama Kenichi
Yagami Raito : Tatsuya Fujiwara
Misa Amane : Erika Toda
Ryuuku (Ryuk) : unknown

has anyone seen the Death Note movie yet? i realli wanna watch it! i think the actor for L is good. i watched all the death note stuff and Kenichi is fit to be L. i hope someone uploads the Death Note movie with english subtitles soon. i'm dying to see it!!! >____<
email me if u have any additional info. thanks!

blake petro

hay ive only just got into death note but i could see it was a winner when i read it. its a great manga i dont care if they ever translate it as long as i can import a subed one. that whould be great

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