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Thursday, January 19, 2006



Another blog's info on this story.


Here's a link to another perspective on this case from the Economist.
And another:
And the actual FT link:

If the fossils who run Japan Inc. were so aggressive to go after everyone who commited such crimes in Japan, it'd be a much cleaner place to do business. But unfortunately they only prosecute the one's who piss them off and try to move the country into the future.
An unforgivable crime in such a business climate.


Hi There
The Stock price of Livedoor is almost half, but still can't make the dealing yet. Because nobody buy it. The Nikkei does not recover from the shock yet.

Ken Y-N

Hi Mari,

Thanks for bringing that opinion poll to my attention! I've translated it in full for my web site.

BTW, I do enjoy your blog - although I can read and translate Japanese to a certain extent, trying to write a blog in Japanese would result in a bigger mess than the average machine translation, I fear!

Julian MorrisonJ

The whole "men enjoy others misfortune" thing - that was men hating people who cheat strangers, but being sympathetic to innocent people. Women are sympathetic to both. However I think women would hate people who cheat them personally. Guys aren't scary, they just care more about rules.


Great info on the whole fiasco. It's also good to see another blog talking about this. (It doesn't seem to be written about a lot.) Welcome to the cool club. :P


Thanks Mari, you explained this really well. It is incredible that the Tokyo stock market computers couldn't handle this. That makes me wonder so much about society...

The hesokuri made me laugh! In Sweden, some old people hide money in cookie jars. I also did that when I was a kid. ^______^

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