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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


japanese fashion

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i live in OSLO and yes, it is true!!! even here they said the same.. even if an apartement in GINZA it is more expensive than the AKER BRYGGE.. in norway they like prices like 399,- KR or 199,-KR.. always 1 KR below then round.. 1 kr = 17.5524 yen. mata ne!


Hi There
The expensive rice cooker I want is a sort of multi cooker, it can work as oven, pressure cooker, etc. I can cook cake, bread, stew and more dish easily. And my big concern is how it keep rice well. They say nano steam! It means they keep rice soft and fresh for long time.


Hmmm. Like Mari, I live in Tokyo. Today I went shopping and spent a little over 3000 yen for a single hand-basket of groceries. (I look at a yen as the same as a penny so that 100 yen is about $1.00).

Fruit can be expensive, and I would be in a greater state of sticker shock if I hadn't been in the habit of buying organic produce in the States. The grocery store near my home (an independent store) had pineapple for 350 yen, but no papaya. Right now, there are mikan tangerines (a bag of about 12 small ones for 298 yen) and apples (88-100 yen apiece). Bananas are quite cheap and always available. They cost about 100 yen for a reasonable bunch (5-6 bananas). There are sometimes Western pears (3 for 100 yen the last time I bought them) and in winter there are strawberries of course! (A pint runs from about 380 to 700 yen.)

I think the myth of the really high-priced fruit comes primarily from a history of fruit being difficult to obtain. Since fruit was once very rare, it has become a traditional gift item (like cut flowers), and so the $50-60 melons you see in the news are expensive because they are intended to be given as gifts. (You can get a half of a large melon for 250yen at my neighborhood grocers.)

Vegetables, which I live on, are often very expensive. I'm lucky to see cauliflower, a bunch about the size of a large grapefruit, for 300. Two largish carrots can cost anywhere from 100-200 yen. (A dollar apiece for carrots??) Don't get me started on broccoli!

I own two rice cookers--but I don't eat rice! At 2,000 yen per 2kg bag, it's just too expensive!


Holy cow! I can buy a rice cooker at a local Asian market for between $10 and $40 You'd think with the amount of rice cooked in Japan versus here they would be practically giving them away! You need to start a revolution! :-)



Best ground beef (hamburg beef)is $2.89/lb. or approximately 75 yen for 100g.


Do you know what is the nearest Maruetsu to the ANA hotel in Akasaka. I need to buy some Van Houten chocolate and I cannot find it in the small supermarkets in Akasaka nor in Seijoo in Ebisu Station.


I wouldn't pay more than £50 (~10,000 yen) for a rice cooker unless it juggled or did somersaults or something...


Hi there
We hardly 1999yen. 1 yen is not so attractive for us maybe :-).


Beef prices in America range from $2 to $7 per pound depending on the the cut. 300 yen for 100g of beef would translate to about $11.60 per pound, which would be pretty expensive in the States. In the picture, it looks marbled. Is that Kobe beef? If so, maybe it's a decent price. I don't know. High beef prices in Japan probably stem from the ban on importing American beef, which was instated 2 years ago, lifted for a month, and reinstated. I think prices would normally be lower.

I think the 98, 99 prices are used just about everywhere. There's a psychological effect of seeing $29.99 versus $30.00 that makes some people think "oh, it's $20" when you subtract one cent to make the number start with 2. Studies have been done on it. And you can find lots of discussion about it.


A 40000円 Rice cooker is expensive! Must be a nice one. I bought mine for around 1000円 from amazon.com including shipping! It's not so high-tech though =D


For your comparison, here's an ad from Nijiya Japanese Supermarket chain in the US. There's one store across the street from my work in San Mateo, CA. I'll usually buy bento from them for lunch.

Nijiya Supermarket Ad (US)

Question Mari, i hear that fresh fruits are very expensive in Japan. Do supermarkets there have tropical fruits like pineapples or papayas? If so, are they super expensive?


"Today UK is hot for me." ha ha, Mari, I just have to point out that this sentence could be taken to mean that the country of England (or its residents) are sexually attracted to you.

What an odd BBC story that is.

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