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Friday, February 24, 2006


Cleaning Services in London

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i clean compulsively. i live in the dorms so i don't have the luxury of living in a big place so it's very important that i keep my room absolutely clean because otherwise my already small room will look smaller.
my constant cleaning comes from my mom's love for cleaning and my dad's habit of organizing everything.
plus, growing up in japan, we had "souji no jikan"... cleaning time (usually right after the lunch break)... you know this, i am sure. so cleaning just comes naturally.
like you, i cannot live in a messy place. i get nothing done at all.


Hi there
I like to see someone's room too. It's their personality. yes I will update my room in the future.

My husband says a tornado has just swept through my table! Hehe... I will clean up once in a while... esp. when guests are coming! I think having guests over will help me to keep clean. Will you post some photos of your apartment?



Thanks for those links. I no longer feel so bad about my apartment, which now looks incredibly clean and open compared to those rooms you posted!


Stig Inge

I've got a touch of the old OCD in the blood (ma's a serious hand-washer)---and I can't bear a messy cluttered house---I simply cannot think straight in such an environment. But I have warring impulses inside of me: once I get fixated on something (notably, Japanese pottery, especially yunomi), I just keeping hunting down beautiful ones and buying them (I've probably had 30 or so close to my peak---but I do use them all). Then I have a clutter problem and I also feel regret at being so materialistic. I didn't used to have this problem, but now there's the Internet (esp. eBay) and its endless riches...


Thanks for that link Mari, but alas it is a broken page with bad formatting.

Better link:


daniel kraig


I live in Arizona, USA. My roommate and I both have a bit of OCD in our family genes but like you, I can find no peace amid a mess and too much stuff but he is just the opposite, he can't throw anything away. Here, people like this are refered to as Pack Rats. Maybe I think my cleanliness isn't related to OCD but maybe being further up on the autistic spectrum as autistism is very visually oriented, ie., I cannot not see the very small bit of paper tucked up the lip of the kitchen cabninets. My eyes are drawn immediately to anything that doesn't belong. Anyway, where my family lives, there is a man with three old vans filled with pack rat stuff. I assume his house is simillarily filled. The city requires him to move his vans every couple of days so the aren't blightful. He comply's and every couple days he will move his vans to new spots in the neighborhood.

Thanks for sharing on your blog,


daniel kraig

Coder Keitaro

That is what I have!!

Or it could just be that I am a man ... orz

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