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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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You can use the Seishun 18 ticket on non-consecutive days, meaning any few days you want! But, only within the ticket's lifespan (the summer ticket finishes on Sept 10th) GET ON BOARD NOW!!!!


Oops. I hate when people mix up 'me and a friend' and 'a friend and I' and I just did it :(
Anyway, unagi pie is a lot tastier than it sounds.


Last summer me and a friend went from Yamagata city to Tokyo, to Nagoya and back to Tokyo (using 3 pass-days each). Combined with capsule hotels and night busses you can get a lot of sightseeing done for next to nothing.


Hi there
Thank you for miki san to let me know my mistake. :-) Yes if you have time and energy, it will be the most cheap way to go to Kyushu.


hi Liz! they say that "Seishun 18 is sold as a 5-day pass": 11,500/5 = 2,300 yen per day.. i hope you don't have to use it 5 days in a row.. ;( not much to see or eat! :)


Ooooo...that does sound very interesting ^^ Though I looked at the JR website link you have for the Seishun 18 ticket...and it says its 11,500 yen?


That's ambitious!

If I had the time, would make fun photo essay!

Think of all the different food (besides unagi pie)!


Thanks for this information, I had no idea about the Seishun 18 ticket! What an excellent idea. Getting tempted to take a long trip...



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