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Friday, February 17, 2006



Hi there.
Everybody said I looks like Satomi Kobayashi, who is the actress of Kamome Shokoudo...


I'm not finished reading "Deathnote" manga yet...but i cannot imagine it as a movie. Plus if the movie is Hollywood made i doubt it'll be a good movie. In my opinion all hollywood made comic book based movies are poor...very poor in quality. But maybe...maybe if it's a japanese manga that's being made as a movie...maybe it'll come out to be at least a bit better...


AKIRA!!! i would love to see a movie version.. but almost all japanese manga.. you say that nihojin don't like japanese movies: have you ever written anything about Takashi Miike? do you like his work? ciao


Jojo is a very strange manga I just started. Looks like it gets even stranger. Why can't funny Japanese people like that live around Saga?

Assano is a really good actor. I look forward to seeing him in Tokyo Zombie.

Saishu Heiki Kanojo is very creepy looking. Tentacles and wepons come out of her back.


I have never read deathnote, but a friend of mine told me it is quite interesting.
Talking about Manga adaptations into Movies, I don't think it's a bright idea, since it gives a totally new experience that may differ greatly from the manga itself. However,if it must be done, I do prefer japanese actors rather than Americans, since many traits in the Manga characters are related to the japanese Language. Would you imagine Himura Kenshin without its "Gozaru" constructions and "Oro"?? I wouldn't!


Thanks for that link to the essay about Ozu. I love Ozu movies. I will tell you a really good Ozu story.

Just after the war, the US Military censored all movies, directors hated the censorship. If you look very closely in Tokyo Mongatari, Ozu was very sneaky, he got something past the censor. There is one scene where the camera slowly moves past a futon hanging up to dry on a clothesline, there is a big wet pee spot in the middle. If you look closely, the futon cover looks like an American Flag.

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