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Sunday, February 05, 2006


I wish my wife (Japanese) would call me by my name. It is always "hey" in Japanese or English. Were I a dog, at least I would hear my name. So guys ain't the only ones here who need instructions.


I think it's more easy for me to understand this than Julian since I'm in China, another Asian country. I think Asian people are not showing their feelings, including love, to others so straight and without hesitation like Euro-American people. What's more, Japanese people, I believe, tend to act the same way as others, they don't want to be regarded like strange or different by the society and thus they kind of stick to the old rules. It's a reflaction of the natural pesonality of this nation. And I think male chauvinism in Japan is even obvious than in China. But I'm really suprised by this "Love Your Wife Day"!!! I think it's great!!! Passion of love fade with time, some couples seldom date out after they get married, they should be remind that they do love each other even after they live in one house, leading an ordinary, routine family life.
Still I think this activity is exciting. I doubt there would be even less Chinese husbands join in this crazy activity if we also call on them to do like this.


Hi Julian
Yes it's silly.

Julian Morrison

It's just strange to me, that Japanese men wouldn't do this without being told. What kind of a man needs instructions to love his wife and treat her kindly? It's silly.

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