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Thursday, February 23, 2006


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Wow Magic Sing

Well, that's great! I am sure many will get interested with this. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.


wow magic sing

That is good news,so that other people in other country can adapt their songs too.



I think bashing Monkey Majik because there are two whit people singing japanese music is just wrong. It's like saying me(a black person) cannot watched any asian showes what-so-ever. I think that everyone is entitled to living their life doing what they want to do without someone bashing them because they are a specific color and they should be doing whatever their 'color' is doing.

Plus Monkey Majik makes awesome music. Lately they have been getting better and they are reaching more people in Japan. So please don't hate.


I think it is really funny that all of you are complaining about Monkey Majik using japanese lyrics, when no-one ever complained about people like m-flo. Or Crystal Kay!


I just found this page while Googling for some Monkey Majik stuff, and I just had to comment on Kyosuke's comment on Monkey Majik.

Obviously you don't know much about the band. The guys never tried to "make it" in Canada and just ended up making music in Japan while both being English teachers there. Also, to say something like that is to imply that the market in Canada has a higher level than the one in Japan. This would be undermining the Japanese people and their understanding of music.

And I also have to point out that Monkey Majik has more Japanese in their music than English. They have many songs completely in Japanese and even the ones you're referring to (probably Fly and Around the World, since their latest single Futari is entirely in Japanese) are half in English and half in Japanese.

Maybe this is just an angry rant by a passionate fan, but nevertheless, I suggest you make some research before blatantly bashing someone.



You'd be surprised to hear that Takeshi, the guitarist and lead vocalist for ellegarden, actually resided in San Francisco for a little while before going back to Japan. I think he was a sales associate for a company or something while he was in America. I read this up somewhere but I forget.


I would like to download Monkey Majik's song 'Around the World'. Could you please please upload the song for me? Kinda hard to get the CD here in Malaysia. Thanks.


If you're gonna sing in a language, go all the way.

Love Psychodelo do it well, Boom Boom Satellites sing all in English (both are Japanese). It's these bands (on both sides) that do little one liners that sound chessy.

I am a Gaijin in a band in Japan. Our singer is Japanese, but all our songs are in English. One way or the other, its the only way to go in my opinion.


Hi there
Ha ha ha you don't like Monkey Majik?! I think their first CD was good. I don't like this theme music though.


Yeah, I agree... Monkey Majik is just wrong and its even more screwed that they are getting attention in Japan. This will undoubtedly create a new wave of 'wack' foreigners who sprinkle japanese language in their music just to be eccentric... Back then, Americans laughed at us when we did it with english... I think its our turn to laugh now. :P And I think we will end up laughing harder.

Monkey Majik is just wrong. Canadians who couldn't make it native is now in Japan. And it really annoys me how all of their lyrics is English except for a one line in chrous. Pathetic. And Monkey Magic is a cool song. Also, can Freddy speak any language besides English, let alone sing it?

Oh yeah, ellegarden rocks.


Ellegarden is great!! They're not coming to my city when they go on tour, though, so I can't see them. :( I'm sad about that.


Haha! I love the Monkey Magic lyrics! The lyrics do actually make perfect sense, even though they're quite, shall we say, eccentric. I don't know the song so I can't say for sure, but it was probably just the band's pronunciation that made it incomprehensible to Mr. Mercury.


Yosh!!! I have been listening to Ellegarden since quite some time now, and I really loved their punk rock music. I would have mistaken them for a Californian band if I hadn't seen their faces on some of their PVs. I love their song "Supernova" and "pizzaman".
I am not a big fan of Utada, but I liked her album "Exodus", and particularly "Kremlin Dusk".I also love her themes for Kingdom hearts games!!
As you said english is more and more used in the Japanese music scene, however there are those who excels at it (X Japan are my favorite Japanese band ever), and those who suck as you said!


Hey! English in Japanese songs has been a mystery to me ever since I first started watching anime. There are quite a few english phrases sprinkled through out OP and ED themes. I think the best/most understandable/plus I really like the tune was in "Life is Like a Boat" which was the first ED to the anime Bleach. I did hear that the Japanese singer lived in Maryland for awhile, which would explain her excellent pronunciation. Always enjoying your blog, Mari! Gambarete!

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