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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Wan Hazmer

Oooohh... so that's what they meant by Soramimi Cake in Azumanga Daioh... was wondering what that means...


I don't think those work for the average English speaker. Some of them seem like they need a really unusual intonation or stress. One of them seemed to need "it" to be very clearly enunciated when the word "it" often gets crushed almost out of hearing, especially in the middle of a sentance. With 掘った芋いじるな, the faster you say it the better. But with these it seems to need slow, careful reading to make them work. I must say I'm disappointed. (−_−)⤵


Greg: I'm from Atlanta, GA. My parents were both born in Ohio, but they've adopted Southern accents of their own from being down here for over 25 years.


Hi There
I understand and like more when I am older and older. I think it means haiku is a kind of mature art.


These reinterpreted haiku are are amazing. It's fascinating that English words can be substituted for the Japanese sounds with such a high degree of accuracy, but what's even more remarkable is what comes out when you read the English versions as poems themselves. Searching for meaning in something like "Women sack aid/ would grease knock aid/ he torrid canal" can really deepen your appreciation for the power of language.

I was an English Lit major in college, and I'm forever scarred by it...orz

Emma, what part of the South are you from? I'm a Yankee by birth, but I've been living in Dixie for the last 25 year.


funny! but i am mostly grateful to see that you put both the english, japanese and kanji for the haiku! thanks! a good way to practice!


It's a pity the English doesn't make as much sense as "don't touch a potato which you took" though...


I tried to say those and be forewarned, if you have a Southern accent, some of them may come out wrong if you say them "naturally". Try not to inflect the accent so much and they'll come out right.

Those haiku are pretty, too. (Rhyme)


Akatonbo sure is funny!! I liked the way it was written in english to match the Japanese phonetical sounds!

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