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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Hi there
Gatchaman was the simbol of Sunday evenning for me when I was kid. I did not like so much at that time, but now I feel this cartoon is cool.

This brings back lovely memories! I've always loved Japanese cartoon/drama since young. I remember my mother will feed me my dinner (I was already 5 I think) while I watch G-Force.

Do you remember the Japanese drama Oshin おしん? My mother and I loved that show!


I remember watching G-Force/Battle of the Planets on TV while growing up here in the US back in the late 1970s! It was my favorite tv show back then!


are you sure: "Jun is Goro Inagaki.
"??? Jun is the princess, right? so a man is doing the female part? like old japanese theater, kabuki? :)

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