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Monday, February 06, 2006



The pink so-called soup block looks exactly like what I used decades ago when I was a kid, a shampoo shield to prevent the soap suds from flowing into my sensitive eyes. Deja vu ! ^-^

Sam and Ali

this site is mad. it helped us with our assignment


Hi there
wow, the book is well known already? I did not know that.


The Japanese Spiderman was scary. How did you find it?


Ramen-splattering is the bane of my existence


excuse me.
I'd like to change my comments('useless' to 'useful') It's my mistake but in your post I can't find "modify" function...


Hello, Mari.
That book looks funny and useless to me.
In fact, I don't know the word "chindogu". Thank you for your post.


Actually the name of the book is "101 Un-useless Japanese Inventions".

I have a copy of it at home. In the foreward the Translator talks about chindogu and how tricky it is to translate words like that.


Wow, i remember reading that "old silly book" in english long long ago.
By the way, then i thought and still do now, that the "ramen soup block" is supposed to not let the hair to get in the soup. I dont think it would prevent getting spattered accidently.


Hey Mari,

In Canada, we used to have chindogu commercials on TV. Well, they weren't really commercials but they were clips showing the various inventions. I haven't seen one in a few years though.


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