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Monday, February 20, 2006



Hi There
I read very interesting book recently. He said one important factore to have "genius" is beatutiful nature. Ireland, England, Itary, many European countries would be applied to it.

tim t.

iv'e thought that one of the reasons that i like japan so much is that this sort of nostalgia for ones hometown. i don't want to move back to my hometown - but when i visited it last year for the first time in 7 or 8 years i was astonished to find some quiet little places i played at as a kid were still the same. - it was a nice surprise. one of my favorite places was a little stream i used to stop and gaze as i walked to school in 1st grade - it was not only the same, it seemed to have become more grown over with vegatation that maintained its serene quality...
its seems as though in japan art and culture; little streams and canals are frequently illustrated and treasured. anyhow, maybe this relates to something.


I really like the first basho's haiku, it gives a picture of a calm place where one can listen to the sounds made by nature! The image I had in mind doesn't differ much from Mari's, even though I am not Japanese!


you should come to NORWAY.. it might be a great inspiration for haiku poets.. i knew already the first haiku (read in some japanese book). for me, the picture describing the first haiku should have a pond not too close to a house.. a more remote site.. i thank you again for romanji and kanji! domou, Mari-san! about comparative culture, it is something everybody experience living for some years in a foreign country: i am italian and i have been 9 years now in norway.. you are right: the culture changes a lot the way to see and describe things.. even pictures! mata ne!

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