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Thursday, March 02, 2006



Hi there
Yeah, Marco you are right. I was wrong, it is 41,000,000yen!! I will buy it if it is 4.1million yen and sell it soon.


But... "4100 man en" (http://www.shimada-jyutaku.co.jp/info/info_pay.html) are 41 millions, not 4,1! :-) Am I right?!



Congratulations Mari on making Japanzine's list of Best of Japan on the Web! Nice work!



if i purchase the castle, am i going to be an instant "tonosama"? i wonder if they'd ship it to canada? it'd be cool to have a japanese castle in the middle of prairie.


you are actually right: respect to the other houses, the castle is not THAT expensive.. it might be a good start before moving to japan.. ok.. now, let's earn 4 million yen.. :) architecture porn??? sounds funny.. i'd like to see you with a magazine in your hands!! ciao

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