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Thursday, March 30, 2006


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i like this part of the post:"Sometime high-designed apartment (in Japan, we call it "designer's apartment") make me disappointed, artistic and eccentric is different. Do you want a bathroom in the center of your house like this? I won't like a bathroom with glass walls." is very good


actually, I like the house with the bathroom in the middle. Looks like nice materials.

The glass bathroom however...couldn't they use frosted glass?


Whoa, those are some radical buildings. I'm impressed.

Mike (a different one)

Ohayo gozaimasu Mari-san!

Next to the Prada building on Omotesando Dori is this building. We went to Tokyo for the first time in October; we saw this building before it was finished.

I've heard the building is somewhat controversial. With your knowledge of architecture, what do you think of it?


Hi Mari

I like the cat house. That kind of building would only work in Japan. The place that you said looked like a gaijin had lived there, I think it's possible. Sometimes people won't rent nice apartments to foreigners, so we get stuck with bad interiors like that!

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