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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Marco Bresciani

LOL! Here in Italy we IT professionals translate users as "utenti". But we often call them "utonti" that can be translated as "u-stupid" (or "u-dumb" or something like...) instead of "users". :-)

Often users are more "strange" than strange peripherals. (^___^)


Oh.... welcome to my life


LOL!!! I'm working in the IT department, and i've encountered the issue so many times; the printer prints rubbish either because the driver was wrong, the person was printing some wierd language, the printer does not have enough memory to process the entire file or some strange reason when the computer reboots.


Hi there
I am glad to know you like this, I like this.


I enjoyed this!
So it's raining, huh... hope it clears up in time for Hana-Mi.


WAW! what a coincidence!! I bought a printer JUST TWO DAYS AGO!!! and yesterday I was setting it up till 3Am, a kind of USB communication problem!!
It's like Mari knew about that and posted this dialogue to console me ^^!


This is so funny and realistic XD

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