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Wednesday, March 29, 2006



where can i dl the older shows? like of the puramodel ones- the technical craft competitions? does anyone know? all i can find are the food competitions =(


I would like to know about T.V champion email address is possible?

Hi, do u know where to watch the tv champion programs online? thx a lot!


Kitty knowledge fight?? Maybe I could have been a contender! I'm waiting for Puroland USA...it's only a matter of time. ;o) We exported "The Mouse" to Japan so it's only fair that you return the (dubious) favor.


This lego globe is a killer toy. I am so glad she won. Thanks for the link


Now all I need to do is get Japanese TV channels so I can watch this. That's easy, right!? j/k :P


the lego globe is the most amazing thing i have seen for a long time!

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