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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Cristina Silveira


A Foxconn, empresa que fabrica o tablet
iPad em para a Apple, deve iniciar a
montagem do aparelho iPad no Brasil a partir de novembro. A informação foi dada nesta
terça-feira (12) pelo ministro da Ciência e Tecnologia, Aloizio Mercadante, que
acompanha a presidente Dilma Rousseff na China.

A novidade pode baratear o iPad e ajudar a reduzir o tempo de espera pelo produto no
país, mas ainda há muitas indefinições a respeito.

Além das definições da fabricante, o “futuro” do iPad no Brasil depende de
alterações nas regras de tributação.

air yeezy

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

Cath Lee

Haha... yes, I've seen Japanese reading a book with the jacket and I often wonder what are they trying to hide? Are they reading porno? Hahaha...


I think Maruzen in the Oazo building (right next to Tokyo Station) is one of the best stores in Tokyo. There is such a huge selection and it is not just paperbacks.

Very cool


Hi there

This is VB shop list in Tokyo.
Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa, Kichijyoji, Jiyugaoka, Ochanomizu etc,.


It sometimes happened to me to have discussions with the unknown people questioning me on the book (no jacket) I was reading. These people were curious to know what I thought about it. I find that very social and very interesting. People are so sinister in public transport that a little humanity of this kind is more than welcome.


It is interesting that you would use book covers so that others don't know what you are reading. In Canada, we mainly cover our textbooks in elementary school to prevent them from getting damaged. Besides that, it is very rare to see someone use a book cover.

I suppose it makes sense that people get a little insight into who you are when they see what you are reading on the subway. I would never think to be shy about it, unless I was reading something naughty!


Village Vanguard looks like a funny place! I want to go there when I go to Tokyo (that is, in 10 days *__*)
I hope you don't mind if I jot down on my note remarkable addresses that you post ^__- I love your blog!

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