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Monday, March 13, 2006


Cath Lee

Maybe it's mysterious? I keep wondering about the people who used to live there. Where are they now? Will they remember this island? The buildings are abandoned and silent now... but they have witnessed many things, many activities, tears and laughter... and they have no mouths to speak.


This reminds me of the island in Murakami Ryu's book "Coin Locker Babies"...


Hi There
Ah I like to see ancients of course. My dream is visiting all the world heritage. But the different points are ancients are cared and loved by people. But nobody cares ruins. :-)


Gunkanjima is interesting indeed, I posted links to galleries of it a few months ago here. And I recently discovered a huge jackpot of other gorgeous ruins in Japan which I posted here.


mono-no-aware perhaps came from the frequent natural catastrophes that fell on the islands of Japan, and the long years of civil war...that made people more aware of the inevitable.


Wonderful, scary... I have a feeling this is what a large part of our world might look like, in the future. Thanks for the warning. More photos here:


Stig Inge

Here is a site with breathtakingly beautiful photography of ghost buildings in the US:


His images of decay and desolation are pure poetry.


wow I want to go. Is it allowed?


here is a place I would really want to visit in Japan!


Americans call this type of place a "ghost town." Such a place contains memories of lives forgotten. Sometimes, the presence of old buildings and the belongings of missing inhabitants is so strong the echos of the past become ghosts lingering among their remains.


This is the best post I have ever read.

Thank you

Marco Bresciani

We have a lots of ancients and ruins here in Italy... you should take a look at them (search for "rovine italia" with google images: it means "ruins italy")! :-) And they are very ancient too!

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